General Assembly of the Croatian Youth Network and Varaždin for EYC 2021 Presentation

The representatives of the Independent Youth Platform (members of the youth association Varaždin Underground Club) attended regular GA of the Croatian Youth Network took place on May 11 and 12 in Zagreb. Proceedings were opened by current President of the Croatian Youth Network, Josip Miličević; and a former one, Tomislav Tomašević, who at this time is serving with the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb.

This year’s delegates adopted annual narrative and financial reports, new strategic framework for 2018-2020 period and endorsed two applications for full and four applications for candidate membership. Furthermore, GA voted in favour of removing seven organizations from membership, in accordance with statutory provisions on inactivity.

Furthermore, thematic aspect of this year’s GA was rich and interesting, encompassing discussions on state civil society in Croatia, future of the next national youth strategy and MMH advocacy on workers’ rights.

Campaign for the City of Varaždin to become the European Youth Capital was also presented to delegates, who also had an opportunity to organize their own thematic squares; opportunity well used of by three MOs.